In addition to studying, reading, writing, math, environment, technology, students are also encouraged to engage in creative learning and expression. A holistic education seems to extend beyond a conventional formal education framework to reflect and respond more directly to the task of creating good human beings.


  • More emphasis on understanding of concept than applying a theoretical approach.
  • Use of teachers resource material for practical explanation of lesson.
  • Field visits, participating various stage shows, competitions, public speaking within the school houses are administered to build confidence amongst and get rid off stage fear at the young age.
  • Building students language skills and subject oriented knowledge skills through proper guidance.
  • Equal emphasis is given to individual, small groups and large group activities to enable them to enhance their concealed and peerless qualities.
  • Knowledge enhancement, exploring the world and Research with the help of books and technology.
  • To inculcate the habit of Research and logical thinking.